Behavioral Health Services

Child, Youth and Young Adult Services

Fairbanks Alcohol Safety Action Program

FASAP connects misdemeanor criminal offenders with the education or treatment they need to comply with court orders and the DMV with an ultimate goal of reducing alcohol and drug related crime. FASAP monitors each case as the offender attends education, counseling or treatment sessions with reporting completions or non-compliance to the Justice system.

Ralph Perdue Center

A short term, residential, alcohol and drug rehabilitation program providing on site services for an average of 45 days for native and nonnative adult men and women. RPC gives our consumers the opportunity to learn about and obtain treatment for their addiction in a safe, secure and structured environment. Services provided include individual or group counseling, alcohol/drug education, and case management based on the needs of the individual and the outcome of their assessment.


FNA offers culturally-responsive counseling at both a low-level and a more intense level to consumers. Treatment options include group and individual sessions using evidenced-based Best Practice methods to encourage long-term wellness.

Women and Children Center for Inner Healing

A medium-intensity, long-term, residential treatment program designed to serve substance abusing pregnant, postpartum women and women with children through age 7. Women meet in groups and have individual sessions designed to help them break the cycle and triggers of their addictions.

Mental Health Trauma Team

The Mental Health Trauma Team is through Fairbanks Native Association. Our program provides crisis intervention services that are related to Covid-19 for children, youth, adults and elders.  The focus of MHTT is on individuals with substance abuse disorders and individuals with serious emotional disturbances from negative experiences that were cause by Covid-19.  The MHTT staff includes an 0utreach specialist, two peer support specialists, and three mental health clinicians. We will be located at the Ralph Perdue Center. 

Alaska Native Pandemic Project II

ANPPII focuses on assisting those experiencing domestic violence and/or are at risk of suicide due to the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. ANPP II will provide prevention training, case management, and recovery support services open to people of all ages community wide.

Community Opioid Intervention Project

The purpose of the Community Opioid Intervention Project is to address the opioid crisis in the Fairbanks North Star Borough from a tribal perspective. COIP is an outpatient program, and provides opioid education, and awareness to the community through different outreach efforts, on areas related to prevention strategies, harm reduction and reducing stigma.
Increasing access to medication assisted treatment services through referrals, and case management is a focal point, as it increases the chances of long-term recovery. SBIRT screenings and MAT focused counseling were used, as well. Additionally, COIP is designed to strengthen family systems through traditional engagement activities, recovery support, elder involvement and peer support. Our target population is Alaska Native/American Indian adults, however, educational efforts are intended for all community members. 

Bridges to Recovery

Bridges to Recovery is a program developed by Fairbanks Native Association with the mission to provide culturally appropriate treatment and outreach for Alaska Native and American Indian adults, 18 and over, who are facing opioid use disorder and stimulant use disorder. 

Building Bridges

Building Bridges is intended to prevent suicide and suicide attempts among American Indian/Alaska Native adults, age 25 and older, to reduce the overall suicide rate and number of suicides in the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

Community Synergy

FNA BHS Community Synergy is a community-based suicide prevention, early intervention, and postvention program. CS identifies children, youth, and young adults who are at risk of suicide and connect them to service providers. This program serves children, youth, and young adults ages 10-24, with a focus on Alaskan Natives, American Indians, and the greater Fairbanks North Star Borough. We also provide training throughout the community to bring awareness to the devastating impact of suicide, prevention, and building protective factors. We are also able to provide trainings around mental health concerns, substance use, and many other factors that can impact suicide.

Office: 907-452-651 ext. 1971