Employee Resources

Internal Forms

Time & Pay Employee Resources
Timesheet FNA Employee Benefits
Overtime Form FNA Financial Policies
Absence Report FMLA Rights
Payroll Direct Deposit  FMLA Doctor Certification Form
Donated Leave Request  


Workplace Resources Workplace Support

FNA 2021 Employee Calendar

Computer Work Request
FNA Vehicle Driver’s Log Facilities Emergency Contractors Call List
Employee Information Form Maintenance Work Request
Name Change Form Network-telecommunication Request Form UPDATED 8/13/18
Petty Cash Form  
Performance Evaluation -Employee  
Performance Evaluation -Supervisor  
Payroll Action Form (revised 5-19-06)  
 Procurement Form  


Policy & Procedures Health & Safety
FNA By-Laws Health and Safety Manual
FNA Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and Corporate Compliance Plan ECD – First Aid Kit Checklist
Cultural Competency and Diversity Plan Emergency Evacuation Form UPDATED 9-20-2016
FNA Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual Employee Report of Injury to Employer

FNA Mitigation Plan (Public)

FNA Mitigation Procedures (internal)
Updated 8/31/20

Internal Safety Inspection Form UPDATED 9/20/2016
  FNA Hazcom Notice Form
  Incident Report Form UPDATED 7-6-17
Health & Safety Posters FNA Mileage Reimbursement Form
 Work Related Injuries Poster FNA Program Safety Orientation Checklist  
 Vehicle Accident Reporting Poster FNA Health and Safety Orientation
Incident Reports Poster Recording Bomb Threats Form
  Vehicle Inspection Form


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