Employee of the Month

Through Administration and Management commitment, our objective is to recognize deserving employees for their efforts and performance and the contributions made while exhibiting fairness and equity throughout departments.

Employee of the Year



Debra Pitka, Staff Accountant Administration




Dorothy Kawaglia, Data Specialist Community Services


Jeremy Agee Cook II, Early Childhood Development


Charlotte Miller,  Program Assistant Early Childhood Development


Employee of the Month


Dec. 2019
Jan. 2020
Feb. 202
Sept. 2019

Sierra Songer, Graf Rheeneerhaanjii

Oct. 2019

Jessica Fox, Early Childhood Development

Nov. 2019

Juliana Shankle, Accounts Payable

June 2019

Marie Kokrine, Graf Rheeneerhaanjii

July 2019

Jennifer Pitzke, Head Start Data Entry

August 2019

Daphne Gustafson, JOM Program Director

March 2019

Alexandria Bucholtz, left, RPC

April 2019

Mary Wiley, right, Head Start Site Supervisor

May 2019

Alisa Chacon, right, Admin Receptionist