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FNA 52nd Annual Potlatch

2015 Alaska Native Youth Basketball Tournament
March 16-18, 2015

Thank You!
The 16th Annual Alaska Native Youth Basketball Tournament held on March 16-18, 2015 hosted by the Fairbanks Native Association Johnson O'Malley Program would like to thank:

Doyon, Limited; Tanana Chiefs Conference, Fairbanks North Star Borough School District Alaska Native Education Program, Ravn Alaska, Fairbanks Youth Sports, Youth Sports Bingo of Fairbanks, Wright Air Service, Warbelows Air, Teamsters Local 959, Tozitna, Limited; Ron's Service & Towing.

COACHES & Asst. Coaches:
Ariella Derrickson, Bernice Nickoli, Cloyie Edwards, Curt Kokrine, Donna Rexford, Eddie Puryear, Edwin Ningelook, Gerald Rexford, Harold Stein, Janelle Williams, Janessa Newman, Jody Potts, Joy Simon, Kristen Peter, Lance Albert, Letha Simon, Mel Milk, Odin Peter-Raboff, Patti Sam, Phyllis Erhart, Steward Joseph, Theresa Albert, Tod Kozevnikoff, Travis Moreland, Vernae Angnaboogok, Willow Bowen.

Andrea Durney, Bertina Titus, Bev Kokrine, Bob Myers, Caleb Stenberg, Charlisa Ambrose, Chelsea Woods, Christine Jackson, David Edwards, Denise Newman, Desiree Gustafson, Duane Shaffer, Eliza Winfrey, Ginger Jenkins, Joyce Robinson, Justine Kokrine, Latrell Sweetsir, Liyana Woods, Lynne Puryear, Madeline Riley, Marcus Titus, Mathilda Simon, Natalie Richards, Pauline Tutiakoff, Randy Simon, Shirley Moses, Stephanie Pitka, , Steward Erhart, Tehya Titus, Xian Derrickson, Tonya Garnett, Doreen Deaton and any others that we may have not mentioned. Last, but not least, to all of our JOM Basketball players… you are #1!

FNA Vision & Mission

We are a unified, healthy, and empowered Native community that embraces all cultures.

To promote spirituality, cultural identity, self-reliance, physical and mental health, by improving the quality of life of our community through professional quality services.

To submit comments or questions regarding our programs or website email: or call 907-452-1648 for the Communications Director.