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Welcome to FNA

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FNA March 2015 Events

To download an application to run for the FNA Board of Directors click HERE.

To download an application for the following pageants:

2015 Alaska Native Youth Basketball Tournament
March 16-18, 2015

Tanana Middle School
Grades 3rd-12th
Applications can be downloaded HERE or call JOM at 907-452-1648.

FNA Program Spotlight FNA Head Start & Early Head Start

As one of Alaska’s oldest urban Native organizations, Fairbanks Native Association provides various services to the community. Watch this video for an overview of our programs and services available.

FNA Vision & Mission

We are a unified, healthy, and empowered Native community that embraces all cultures.

To promote spirituality, cultural identity, self-reliance, physical and mental health, by improving the quality of life of our community through professional quality services.

To submit comments or questions regarding our programs or website email: or call 907-452-1648 for the Communications Director.