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Employment Opportunities

The following job opportunities are available with Fairbanks Native Association. To apply please submit a completed FNA application to the Human Resource Department, 605 Hughes Avenue, Suite 100, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701 or email your completed application to mleander@fairbanksnative.org. Applications must be received prior to the closing date to be considered. Faxes will be accepted, but the signed original must follow. (FAX: 907/456-4148)

FNA Employment Application

FNA Employment Application PDF

Classes of Employees

Regular Full-Time Employees (RFT): The position is considered part of the regular complement continuously needed for performing association services (40-hour workweek). Eligible for holiday pay, PTO, retirement, insurance benefits, EAP.

Regular Part-Time Employees (RPT): Any employee employed on a workweek schedule of less than full time (less than 40 hours). Eligible for a prorated holiday pay, PTO, retirement, insurance benefits, EAP.

Temporary Employees: An employee in either a part-time (TPT), full-time (TFT) , or on-call (TOC) capacity but appointed on a temporary basis. Not eligible for benefits.
Job # Job Title Program Status Date Closed
11.10.02 Detox Nurse GTR RFT 3/6/2012
12.01.11 Detox Nurse GTR RFT 3/6/2012
12.01.01 Detox C.N.A GTR TOC 3/6/2012
12.01.02 Detox NurseĀ (nightshift) GTR TOC Continuously Open
11.11.07 Family Therapist WCCIH - Sacred Child Project RFT 3/6/2012
12.01.15 GTR Coordinator GTR RFT 3/6/2012
11.10.03 Project Director Supplemental WCCIH - Sacred Child Project RFT 3/6/2012
12.01.03 Residential Aide BHS TOC Continuously Open
Early Childhood
12.01.14 Home Visitor EHS RFT 3/6/2012
12.01.04 Primary Teacher HS RFT 3/6/2012
11.12.01 Primary Teacher HS RPT 3/6/2012
12.02.01 Teacher Aide EHS TOC 3/13/2012
Other FNA Programs
* Our insurance requires our drivers to be 25 years of age or older to drive clients. The Residential Aides will be driving clients in a FNA vehicle.

The Fairbanks Native Association is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.

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